Your Success Depends on People Being Able To Pay Their Bills,
But People Can’t Pay If They Don’t Have A Job.

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Designed to Help People Find New Jobs.

The Problem

When people can't pay, your business suffers and sending them to collections makes it worse.

Hard conversations.

Chasing people for money is a negative experience. Nobody likes to be called about it. Sending people to collections is a lose-lose situation for everyone. 

Costs you more money.

Using good money to chase bad money costs more than you think. Internal processes, 3rd party fees, and unnecessary risk from lawsuits. 

Damages your brand.

Your reputation is what others think of you. Taking action against patients before trying to help the financially doesn’t make sense and is the opposite of what you set out to do.

A Simple Innovative Solution.

For purpose-driven companies looking for a solution before pursuing collections. 

Professional Impact

Instead of crushing someone’s credit, give them the gift of [re]start and be the catalyst that helps them get out debt.

Empower your team

Build a purpose-driven culture. Connect your team to something bigger than themselves and attract better talent because of it. 

Elevate your brand

Establish a brand differentiator. Stop competing and start collaborating. Your social impact will increase the number of people who will want to do business with you.  

Our clients, who we call “Sponsors”, are forward-thinking companies who care a lot about people, not just about profit.

Think possibilities; not penalties.

We never met anyone who said they love chasing people for money. So, we decided to do something about it. 

[re]start protects your reputation, positively impacts your bottom line, and flips the most unlikely people into raving fans of your business. 

Your reputation is what others think

[re]imagine what people will say after you helped them find a new job.

Job Seeker Success

Stop wasting time and money on new gimmicks that feel like the next “flavor of the month.” Start providing benefits that truly matter. Become a Sponsor and show your customers how important they are – and that you’re willing to do more than treat them like a number.

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